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UPDATE: Temporary Protected Status (TPS) program for Beneficiaries of El Salvador

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The temporary protected status (TPS) program for beneficiaries of El Salvador has been extended.

This extension represents good news, although the termination of the TPS that had previously been announced had been paralyzed by a court order. This meant that the TPS would remain valid while the court order remained in effect. The extension announced on October 28th, 2019, is favorable because if the order from the court blocking the termination of the TPS loses effect, TPS beneficiaries from El Salvador may continue to live in the United States for the period of the extension. The new extension is valid until January 4, 2021. In addition to this, the government will provide 365 more days after the TPS-related litigation concludes to allow TPS beneficiaries from El Salvador to return to their country or leave the United States.

Do I need to submit an application to benefit from the announced extension?

We have yet to see. If you registered during the last TPS registration period, this extension is likely to extend your status and work permit automatically. In any case, beneficiaries have to pay attention to the official instructions of the immigration authorities regarding this extension to see whether the filing of an application is required or not.

For people who obtained TPS status from El Salvador in 2016, but who did not re-register in 2018, they may be able to submit a late re-registration application if they can demonstrate “good cause” for the failure to re-register on time. You should make an appointment with an attorney to determine if you qualify for this. Obtaining and maintaining your TPS status means that you can remain in the United States, cannot be removed to your country, and can obtain an employment authorization card.

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